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The hardest thing about this relegation

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Its not the fact that I wasn''t alive last time we were in this league.

Nor the fact that the team slipped out without a whimper

Nor the fact that this Board have made a series of catastrophic mistakes and sure as hell need to be held accountable.

Nor the fact that I see no grounds for optimism next season and a squad decimated with almost zero quality

Nor the fact that 20K lost souls will turn up in August for another saga in the downward spiral under Doncaster and Smith

Its that 3 of my work colleagues (I work in central London) sent me commiserations yesterday by text. Well-meaning certainly, but as a NCFC supporter I am now to be pitied like some poor relation handing out the begging bowl for scraps from the table of the rich.

Thanks Delia.

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