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Gunny must include himself in any clearout...

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Sorry but if Gunny is appointed as manager (which will be a predictable move by the currenty board) this club will NOT be promoted next season. Sentiment has to go out of the window now; Doncaster and others who have been grossly incompetent in managing the club have to resign, the right managerial appointment has to be made almost immediately so rebuilding can start next week if possible (and that doesn''t include Crook or Butterworth), and there has to be a clearout of those players either not good enough or who have been leeching off the club and supporters for far too long. Positive and decisive action is required NOW, and the current board should not be involved at all in that process. If the opposite happens, be prepared for more years of bitter disappointment and extreme mediocrity. Prudence with no ambition.

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