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FAO Season ticket holders. Copy and paste when the inevitable begging letter comes.

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As a season ticket holder I believe that the board of Norwich City Football

Club plc have systematically mismanaged the club’s finances over a long period

of time.

 I understand that a new buyer can’t be plucked from thin air and due to the

current financial climate may be a long time coming. We therefore want the

majority shareholders to continue to remain in control until such time as a

buyer can be found. We also appreciate the money they have put in and their

ongoing commitment to the club in covering any financial shortfall.

 On this basis, I agree to allow the club to keep the rebate due on my season

ticket for the 2009 – 2010 season subject to the following conditions:-


         All rebate money is

ring-fenced to be used on buying (not loaning) in players to get us out of

league 1. From what we have witnessed and in our opinion too many loan players

have had an adverse effect on the team this year. We are not saying no to any

loan players in the squad, merely that our rebate may only be spent on

purchasing/paying our own players.


         Neil Doncaster is removed

from his post as Chief Executive and be replaced with a person who can make the

necessary changes to the way the club is run. He must be held responsible as

Chief Executive for the shortcomings of the club over the last several years.

Mistake after mistake has been made. No doubt we are all speaking with the

benefit of hindsight, as he is fond of saying, but it''s a fool who learns

nothing from the past and repeats behaviour that has led to failure.


         The club continues to seek

alternative investors, including an outright buyer and sets more realistic

criteria for such a person and a more realistic price on a business that is

losing money hand over fist and is failing badly at what is its core business.


         Bryan Gunn is replaced with

an experienced football manager who knows all about getting a team out of

league 1. We love Gunny and admire him for stepping into the breach at the club

we and he love, but believe the board were mistaken in appointing an

inexperienced person in the situation we were in back in January.



Hope as many of my fellow season ticket holders do this and post it back to the club as possible, I very much doubt anything will come of it

but at least we can start to exert some financial pressure on our intransigent board to make

the necessary changes.

You can chop out points which you don''t agree with, add in your own,

whatever you want, just register your disapproval with the current regime.


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An excellent list there Jafksi, I will be claiming back my rebate, and my son''s on his behalf, and will be putting that money aside for future use.

Funding a Doncaster leaving do for example!

No seriously, this is a chance for all season ticket holders to have a say on board policy, I have heard some supporters say (at the Open Day) that they are willing to leave the money where it is at present, for me I intend to make my point to the board and will probably use your list or add to it to put my views across.

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