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Gunn has the job - no doubt.

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Bryan Gunn has got the job no doubt whatsover.

So we are just going to have to hope that he knows what he is doing, and that he actually can find another Cody or two...... a maybe a Huckerby.

Can it be any more obvious? He was answering questions at a fan forum, he is ITV tonight.

You know that the club has a public relations department right? and that they wouldnt allow Gunn to give such interviews if they were going to sack him the next day?

I know one of the PR guys at Chelsea and it works the same at all clubs. Every employee has to have the permission of the club to agree to an interview of any sort, and he would have been briefed.

If they didnt want him on the TV then he wouldnt be on the TV.  After Delias quote saying that Gunn had done everything that he can, I can assure you that the club are not going to be removing Gunn from his post.

That said, although not ideal, I will give him every chance to clear the club of Roeders legacy in pre season before judging. He might not be able to get us promoted, but he probably will be able to clear the rot and give another manager some sort of platform.

He has already banished Fozzy, Pattison and Cureton. Sent back Omnuzi and brought in Shackell and Lee. As well as MacDonald. For me he is quite a good judge of player and character.



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