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The Steady Decline

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Been speaking to a Crewe fan over the internet and we got chatting about Otsemabor.  I told him hes a lazy effer and he agreed, but when i told him that he was scared of crossing the half way line this guy completely disagreed and said there was no stopping him in League 1.  This got me thinking...Marshall:  Great looking keeper with real promise when he first came here on loan but has fizzled out and is now a shell of his former self (could never kick a ball though)Cureton: Went from a 20+ goal a year striker to less than ten and now less than 5!Bertrand: Last year looked the business, this year has looked poor, improved towards the latter half but dropped off again.Hoolahan:  We only saw glimpses of his brilliance.Pre Loan Shackell:  Everything about his game had worsened, i was surprised Wolves spent so much on him as he did look poor.Post Loan Shackell:  Looked like a very good Championship defender, back to his best.  Which brings me round to...Is there something wrong with the way coaching is done at Norwich, speciafically since NW was sacked?  All of these players (except Shacks) were brought here in the past two years and have all either lost confidence or somehow ability.  There are more players which fit the above criteria but i could be typing all day.  What has happened to these people?  Too much presure, lack of desire, too much Nicey Nicey Norwich???What is wrong!?

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