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Gunn seems inept if this is to be believed

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I spoke with a mate yesterday who has links to a player at our club and we were talking about Gunn and he asked what i thought etc etc. Anyway he went on to tell me that he spoke to this player who told him ''.........Gunn has no clue whatsoever, we had a few days between 2 games recently, they were 2 massive games but he just gave the whole squad all of the days between off apart from the day before when we trained..........'' He went on to say ''We would normally have loved it but we were so shocked none of us knew what to do with ourselves, we couldn''t believe he was giving us all this time off at such an important time...................''

I have to be honest and say that this has come 3rd hand (hence the lack of facts about exactly which games) but i know my mate and his contact and i am therefore confident of its validity. Before hearing this i was still backing Gunn but now i''m not so sure.

I think he''s trying to be a manager that looks after his players and makes them want to play for him but this quite evidently, is not working. I''m thinking Ady Boothroyd and Malky mac are the answer and i think they''d certainly get us out of league 1.


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