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NOW is the time not to muck it up again! ...

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Hi All

Yes I''m like a lot of you ... pissed off. Saw it coming for ages, only to think that it may never happen and it has.

Well we have to act fast now, and not muck about. 7 million+ less revenue next season in League 1 means too long it that league and we will be finished.


1. Sack the expensive board members such as Doncaster, 180k+ to be a chief exec at a football club. 4k a week! I wish.
Not in league 1 matey!

2. Say goodbye and thanks to Gunn and co. Ian crook can stay on as reserve coach if he wishes, long way to come for 5 months!

3. WE need a new manager with the profile to get this club back in the public eye for the right reasons, we need to give the fans a silver lined
cloud! We need a PAUL INCE. Ok I hear you all say, ''but he won''t come to Norwich!'' why not? MK dons, bigger than Norwich are they?
25k fans have they? Ok so Blackburn are Prem league but Paul Ince is the type of maanger who could get us promoted. He should have been given the job
last time around. Time to pull out the purse strings and get the job done. No nearly men, Robins may have done well, but he''s not Paul Ince.

Paul Ince to Norwich would be what Roy Keane is to Ipswich! Simple as that.

Keeping with Gunn or getting Mark robins or giving Crook the job just because they have yellow blood is stupid!

4. Bring back the youngsters and build a wining team! A team that wants to play for city! Sack the dead wood!

5. If he wants to play for city, bring back Pattison, would be great at League 1 level, I thought he done a job in the Champ, Gunn didn''t, costly choice as we all know.

I fear the other normal choices as before, yes names will go, board members will be forced out, but I fear a ex-Norwich manager, a midtable to 8th table finish and a lot of unhappy fans.

Cheers All, City till I die (as they say)




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