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Gows Message at Charlton

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[quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Badger"][quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Badger"][quote user="Jim Smith"]

I can confirm that the above post is 100% fact. Don''t know where the bit about flying to Glasgow came from but he was on the train with a small suitcase, wearing a wooly hat and a Norwich tracksuit.

[/quote]Oh well that''s me convinced then![/quote]


You can believe what you like to be honest but that is what he said. Why would anyone make it up?

[/quote]Sorry, I thought that some of the people in here did make things up - I didn''t realise that it was all 100% true - perhaps I am a little bit too suspicious. Thanks for putting me right.[/quote]


As I have said believe what you like but if you look back through my posts on this board you will not find I am someone that generally posts rumours or gossip on here. I am telling you what he said. If you think i''m lying then so be it!

[/quote]Only occasionally?

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