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74 mins and more ...

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Hi All

Been to the game, been all season, been all the last 5 seasons.

Not next year! Enough is enough!

Reasons why we will go down:

1.   Gunn doesn''t have the experince and was a very big gamble and cheap option that NCFC should not have ever done.
      Panic sacking of Roeder after Charltons poor turn out, and giving Gunn the job because of the yellow blood and a facebook campaign!

2.   Too many loan players, most of them rejects from there current teams, due to the fact that they just don''t make the grade, as shown in tonights game.

3.   74mins .... why do we always, yes nearly always.. make a sub on 74 mins, its too late then! 15mins to make a diference doen''s work. Its seems that I
      shout for a sub every game and Gunn with his arms folded just stands there thinking "err what shall I do next, butterworth old mate what shall we do" "sub boss,
      have a sub at 74mins!" "good idea butty"

4.   The lack of ambition form the board since the relegation from the Prem. Getting Grant in when a higher class maanger would have been better, replacing class sttrikers with
      players of less quality, earnshaw for Ashton, Cureton for Earnshaw, etc etc... gradualaly destroying the sqaud until the core had gone. Just look at Ipswich!!! Roy Keane! Took
      Sunderland from second bottom to champions in half a season!

5.   The board take us all for suckers and bleed the club dry, 8.5 million in players wages, reportly £180k Doncaster annual wage!

In the end I have had enough, like many others, I watched us play with passion against Reading but we looked completely out of our depth. Not enough skill there.
For me The Doc looked like a warrior, in defense, others though do they really care, they can return to there other clubs?

Carny, Gow, Lee, Shackell, Bertrand, all will return and shackell might even play in the Prem again!

For me its a big shame, but we must look at League 1 if it happens as a new start, Forest did, and Swansea etc ..
We must try to oust this board of its control, Delia can stay in some kind of way but we must remove the control she and others have on the say of the club.
We MUST get another management team!!! Paul ince has done it at this level and he would raise the  profile of the club again. He wants to prove to others that MK wasns''t a fluke!

In the end, I''m City till I die, but like other I''m very angry and sad at the situation, yet quitely I know that this could just be the start of good things to come in the future.

you never know!

Cheers All

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Forgot to mention!

Matty Pattison! wher e the hell is he! Would have pushed forward tonight and shown more skill than somne of that Cr*P i WATCHED TONIGHT!

IMO - if Matty Pat played for the last 10 games we may not be in this mess, may not. (one player doesn''t make a team)


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Agree with all except I don''t think the facebook thing made a jot of difference and I''m shocked people are making it an issue. He definitely wasn''t appointed because of that, it was because he was here, knew the club, was cheap and would accept a short term contract. On tonights evidence I don''t think Shackell will ever play in the Prem. It maybe wasn''t his fault for the first goal although he seemed to be unaware there was a player running in behind him, it was an excellent cross but he was all over the place for their second goal.

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