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Norwich city in Brief

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Cook takes over, sacks Megson, installs Walker (always a mistake going back) promises the earth (or The Charlton Model as it was called back then), builds restaurants, sacks Walker,, dresses the players in the famous ‘Banana in Pyjamas’ kit, appoints the ‘Dream team’ of Rioch & Hamilton.  Rioch leaves after frustration of not getting money promised, PR looks bad so to prove a point, Cook appoints Hamilton and allows him to sign 5 crap players in one hit as well as waste money on Walsh & Cottee!  Hamilton fails, Worthington takes over, wastes money on Emblem but unearths gem in Huckerby, Francis and Edworthy, gets promoted, releases Edworthy and fans favourite ''Malky'', wastes more money, Cook gets drunk and disorderly, club gets relegated, manager wastes more money on Jarrett, team plays ‘hoof it up to Hucks’ sells Green, Francis & Ashton for millions, money disappears! Fans protest, PR looks bad, Cook sacks Worthington (12 months too late and after spending more transfer money than all the previous managers put together) appoints novice.  Novice signs entire Scotland ‘Z’ team, fans protest, PR looks bad, gets sacked.  Cook appoints Roland rat, 13 game unbeaten run, signs lots of kids on loan, never plays them, upsets fans, upsets players not sacked!  Fans speak with feet, PR looks bad, Rodent sacked!  Cook appoints another novice but fans favourite, gets three other ex-players to leave good jobs to form backroom staff ‘till the end of the season’ (yeah right), city still lose, fans renew season tickets and Cook feels vindicated!

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