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susie b

I vowed never to say this publicly but...

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I feel I have to now bearing in mind our current situation.

I was at the pre-season friendly we played at Dereham Town after our humiliating exit from the Premiership and I went on to the pitch afterwards to speak to a high-ranking official in the club, who I happen to know through a different sport.  We were naturally talking about the then forthcoming season and I said I thought it would be tricky getting out of the Championship quickly.  He look incredulously at me and said, "do you honestly think so?  I think we''ll walk this division and be firmly established in the Prem within three years".

I am not ignoring all the good stuff on here now about our financial plight over recent years and the (misguided) decisions made by board directors, managers etc. that have compounded the situation - I just thought I would now share that with everyone so you can see how even the attidude within our club was skewed and unrealistic at the point when such a brilliant opportunity existed to build and move forwards.  With that chance now gone and seemingly more distant than ever I can only see us needing to take a very long while to recover and try to build again.  An opportunity?  Yes...but for goodness sake all of you that work at CR...no more complacency hey?! [:@]


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