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Go on city ... ask me again to renew ...

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I hear that some people are thinking of for going the 15-20% refund if we go down.


As far as my season ticket goes, well its gone, only to be renewed at the last minute with a 50% reduction offer from the club.

Thats all that League 1 is worth. Not 15% less!

And as for the people willing to give city the 15% back, then they are still blinded by the whole NCFC family club, we all stick together Cr*p.

Sorry, still very angry from this appauling season, and after the no show AGAIN against Reading.

Wake up People! we may be in league 1 (thats the old third div!)

Its a Peterborough v Ipswich Derby next year! Yes Peterbourgh!

oh well, whatever !!!

Cheers All

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