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Summer Holidays saves Delia

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Before anyone jumps down my throat, I am not inciting anything here, but history has a habit of repeating itself.  Cast your minds back to 1987, Ken Brown departs with a tear in his eye after some pushing and shoving outside the main stand and a window is smashed, NCFC are a top flight club.  Now 1996 and Robert Chase''s smugness undoes him (Jesus those days seem balmy compared to now) - lots of glass broken this time, paint thrown at walls etc - NCFC now a Championship Side, but one that could look back over its shoulder at great victories, yet the crowds aren''t flocking (16,000 turn up for our first ever European Game against Vitesse Arnhem).  Fast forward 13 years to inexplicable packed houses - fans don''t necessarily care any more, but there''s a helluva a lot more of them... and yet NCFC are a First Division Side (alright a Third Division Side - let''s not get blinded by rebranding).

So where does this leave Delia and her flat refusal to sell ? Well if this were a month ago she might be looking for some paint stripper, and as for Neil Doncaster, gawd help us. But the end of the season could just come in time to save them both - without games, there will (probably) be no protest, and as there are no more home games until August despite all that anger and passion and frustration, and it will just fizzle out. More loanees to placate us and some heavy East Anglian tuts is all it will amount to, cause the sun will be shining, the first Test at Lords starts a week tomorrow, and that''s what happens, right ?

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