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Can we compete Mr D ?

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Relegation to the third division ( League One my a***) is now, barring a miracle, a certainty.

On Monday Delia must make a statement as to where this club is going.

Who will be manager ? Is she prepared to ask a realistic price for the club ?  Who is staying who is going ?

The last thing us supporters deserve after this awful season is a long summer of uncertainty. We need strong experienced leadership, to at least give us some hope for next season, in place as soon as possible.

Gunny has not proven himself, we have just  lost 4 of our last 5 games at the worst possible time of the season. He is a Canary Legend and a great bloke, City through & through  but so am I and thousands of other supporters. It does n''t  make us good managers though.

As Delia said a few years ago " Where are you ? " I return the question, her silence in the last few weeks is almost deafening !

And where does Mr Doncaster go from here ? He is already preparing the way for his favourite comment " We cannot compete with the likes of Walsall, Oldham, Yeovil etc " by the little remarks he has made recently in his Pinkun column.

Will he be one of the sacrifices the club has to make to save money ?


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