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My Email to Doncaster

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Sent an e mail to ND which he replied to with the following question....

[Neil Doncaster] please help me understand why the departure of people who are funding the Club would be in the Club''s best interests
 Here is my effort at a response...
Delia and Michael may well be funding the club but it has to be said that they simply aren''t wealthy enough to fund it to the level required to compete anymore, that''s obviously not their fault which is fair enough but surely they should be honest enough to admit to themselves and the fans that as long as they are majority shareholders the club will continue in a downward spiral because of a chronic lack of funding.
Add to that the fact that the disastrous managerial appointments and the failure to spend enough of the money we have had on the pitch where it should be spent and I can''t see how anyone can make a case for them to remain at the club.
I know they have supposedly put the club up for sale but if rumours are true they are merely looking for someone to put some money in and for them to remain as majority shareholders, that is not likely to happen as anyone who puts serious money into the club is likely to want a major input to ensure it is spent on the pitch where it is needed most.
For me they have done their time at the club and it is plain for all to see that the club needs new ideas and money if things are to improve, I wouldn''t mind betting that if Delia let it be known that she would accept a million pounds for her shares she would find a buyer in double quick time. It''s all about asking the right price to encourage a buyer to come forward at this difficult time, if I was in Delias priveleged position with more than enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life it''s something I wouldn''t hesitate to do for the good of the club.
Now can you help me understand how it is in the clubs best interests for them to stay please Neil because based on events on the pitch in the last few years I''m struggling to think of a single reason why they deserve to remain in their priveleged position.
Regards KD.

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