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Five good reasons

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There are several more but these are the main reasons why WE WILL be relegated in May.

1. Similar to Leicester last season we have brought in 8 players, only ''Charlie'' has made any impact.

2. The spine of our team is weak, no quality cover at centre back, zero imagination in centre mid and no number 9.

3. Insufficient available funds in Jan. to mount serious bid to stay up.

4. Defeatist attitude of board since promotion, ''whatever happens let''s enjoy it'' attitude I''ve been a season ticket holder for ten years,(and regularly travel away) and I''m not enjoying it. Winning games is much more fun. Ambitions of the board confirmed by the contract extension of Flem- it is obvious where we expect to be over the next 2/3 seasons.

5. Performance versus the lesser clubs, our home fixture list has been kind. It was thought that the key to our survival would be our home form as with pompey last year. Inability to take the game to anyone, hence only 1 goal scored in first half and only ONCE being ahead this season.

We are almost a third of the way into the season, but I cannot see past visits to Preston and all next season. Please prove me wrong.

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Some good facts there - but how about this one:

As an away season ticket holder, the away games in Div One were a lot more fun because the home fans actually make some noise!!!  I think that''s what they''re aiming for!

Once again last night there was 40k+ people in an open ground and all you could hear was the mighty Norfolk boys - these premiership clubs must be so embarassed when the likes of us and Portsmouth (v.good singers as well) turn up to they''re massive stadiums and out sing they''re prawn sandwich eaters!

Bring on the good days and monster train journeys to the Queen Vic in Burnley etc etc

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