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Newcastle Canary

Some Thoughts

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Having seen city a bit on TV and the Newcastle game on Wednesday I have come to some conclusions on where I feel we are going wrong. It seems that some people would like to blame our poor form on certain players, or the fact that we don''t have certain players, but on the evidence I have seen we are playing worse than we did last season.

Why oh why do we have to play the ball up in the air like a Sunday league team? Especially at the start of a game it can be like watching pinball as the ball flies around the park. Also look at the number of times that players stoop to head the ball instead of controlling it and using their feet.

Defensively I think we can be a shambles. A lot of the time we play far too deep and give the opposition too much space to play. We often don''t keep our shape at the back and we need to start picking people up when they make runs. We kept putting crosses into the area against Man City which never came off. You''d think that if you tried something three times and it didn''t work you''d try something different. We need to pass the ball along the ground when we attack.

I think the players we have are good enough for the Premiership, and this is the team I''d put out.

4-3-2-1       Drury,Charlton,Fleming,Edworthy--Holt,Francis,Mulryne--Huckerby,Jonson--McKenzie

So to summarise: Keep the ball down, control the ball better, tighten up at the back, pick up runners and feed the ball in!

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