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The Chirp

Rudd to challenge for No1 next season?

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Marshall will need a move to stay in the scotland squad so will probably go... IF City go down i think it is a great time to use Rudd... maybe only 10 or so matches but i think we need to blood him for all those who say it''s too early, lewis did well at morecombe and smithie at huddersfield is doing very well... also look at loach of watford.

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[quote user="Mrs. Doherty"]

Tbh if we go down i reckon he will be number 1.

If not then yeah he wil be a challenger to Marshy/ whoever we bring in


he needs to be given cup football or loaned out to get some experience of being a number 2 regularly at least.. he''s far to young to be thrown at the deepend... Its different with keepers as theres no way to hide... with an outfield player the rest of the team can get them out of trouble in a match.. with a kepper you are on your own.

jas :)

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