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Ooh Ahh Lee Power

Something Light Hearted!!! Apologies in advance!!

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A teacher has asked for all pupils to explain what their fathers do for a living.

Most children come up with the obvious......''My daddys a policeman'', and ''My daddy''s a fireman'' and some say ''My dady''s a salesman''.

When asked one little boy says ''My daddy is a works at a club, he take his clothes off for other men to look at and touch, and if you pay him enough he will happily meet men down dark alleys for sex.

After the lesson the teacher takes the little boy to one side and says ''You didn''t have to be so honest, you could have lied about what your Father worked as.''

The little boy replies...''I did lie.................I was too embarrassed to tell everyone in the room that he actually pays for Ipswuch Town.



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