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Binners make me laugh!!!!

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Morning Boys and girls!!!!
I sit opposite a Binner at work (what a nightmare, especially at the moment "Oh Shifty Cuckoo Is great!!!" is all I here now)
I asked the question on whether he would like Hucks in the Ipswich squad!! The response was I would rather of Shifty Cuckoo!!!!?????
They all live in a dream world.
He also reckons they would beat us, in fact thrash us now and that the binners would do better than us in the Premier league!!!!
How dis-illusioned can you be!!!
Come on you yellows for tomorrow!!!
Can we also cut the crap about Bentley he is a young lad that needs nurturing by Uncle Nige and the boys, so lets get behind all the lads and hope for our first win at Carrow Road and cement the place to be a fortress.

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