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Who is going on Sunday but not sitting with the city fans ?

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Is a bit embarrassing for them if they can''t sell out - after all, it isn''t often that you get a chance to help put your local rival really in deep relegation trouble, is it.  They may be a bit disgruntled at the moment but surely the local derby is a game where that stuff gets put to one side....but not with the binmen.  Still, their stupidity is hopefully our gain.

Am not going, but did have the offer of a ticket in the home fans from some binner supporting relatives - decided not to go as have seen 5 derbies from the home end at Poorman Road spread over a number of years but all were defeats (maybe that''s why they offered me the ticket?!), including the feeble 5-0 drubbing (possibly my ''sickest'' moment at a football match).  I decided staying away might give us more of a chance!

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