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walks on water

Haven't seen any thread on this so...

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... & I thought Carra Rud was bad !

Top support today, nervy going into Portaloo ...much more than previous year but our fans were great today.


You really have to wonder about Ipsh*t when that''s all they can muster for a derby,  (bit like our players really)  not even sold out ffs!

Sammy looked very deflated there, sitting on the turf (just before they let us out.)


I know we''ve not been good enough this season but just how many points have been lost through dodgy/criminal refereeing decisions?!!!

They''re supposed to even themselves out over a season, but seriously! - it''s been so bad I''m getting pretty damn paranoid about it all

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i agree we have had some very bad decisions and shouldnt really blame it on them.....weve missed sum real sitters.

i prefer to blame somebody like cureton for missing all those chances :)

anyway..aslong as its still mathatically possible then im up for the fight, so bring it on :)

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