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Fear for the worst

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I cant help but feel how buoyant Notts Forest and Barnsley are currently feeling and how on Tue night Barnsley will be so up for the game that I fear for the worst - if Barnsley win that leaves them four points and Notts Forest 3 points above us - that leaves Barnsley to play Wolves on Sat with Forest away to Blackpool - wolves already promoted could either go two ways one of which I am dreading and that is give the kids a shot or could want to carry on in style but now they are promoted don''t think they will give it their utmost - Forest at Blackpool could go for the point leaving them still ahead of us if we win by one point -  Barnsley then away to Plymouth and Forest at home to Southampton with us at Charlton - well we all know our record of having to win the last match of the season so wont go there  and Forest at home to the Saints predict home win and Barnsley I have more faith in getting the win that I do us. So that leaves us in the dire situation of third from bottom and relegated. 

 But then I woke up to find that Wolves had beaten Barnsley with Barnsley only getting a point at Coventry and only drawn at Plymouth leaving them on 49 points and we beat Reading and drew at Charlton to leave us on 50 points and safe.  Blackpool beat forest but they then beat the Saints to leave them on 50 points and us above them on goal difference.  Hence we stay up and Barnsley go down.

Just goes to prove there is a lot of football yet so dont get too downhearted till the fat lady sings.


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