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The Voice of the Thorpe Area

Today...To St James' Park!

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Well, what a terrible journey to poverty stricken Angola that was. Or ipswich as it''s more commonly known round these parts.

Where to start? Forgetting the good first half performance, we showed exactly why we will be joining Charlton next year (the irony that we are now following their blueprint to the letter).

  • Otsembor was exposed time and time again at full-back. Every attack was focused down our right flank, and every time they created a half-chance at least by doing so.
  • Sammy Clingan. What''s the point? What does he actually contribute? He has no idea what a forward pass is. He quite clearly has prepared himself for a summer move to Fulham (why God only knows, he is not Premiership material).
  • Alan Gow, or poor mans'' Huckerby as I prefer. He thinks he is good, but in truth, he''s a very average player. The odd trick here and there, but it rarely comes to anything. his two paces are slow and slower.
  • The goal-keeping brilliance of David Marshall. Deary me, it was embarrasing. His kicking is God awful. His decision-making, handling, aerial ability and everything else that comes with him, just terrible (beaten at his far-post twice today, good finishes, or just bad positioning?).

I could go on of course. However there was a positive today. Darel Russell in the middle was superb. Challenged for everything, and won most as well. That''s it though.

Anyway, that''s my mini report of the day. See you at Yeovil!

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I didn''t think we were too bad, not a good performance, maybe not enough grit shown but it was a derby game, mistakes happen, Marshall done nothing wrong, wasn''t a pen!

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and you havent mentioned the mercurial lee croft thorpey, the most over rated player since, well to be honest ever probably!

A poor mans huckerby, more like a bankrupt credit crunched mans huckerby. How so many love our winger, who delivers one adequate cross a game if we are lucky is totally beyond me. He was flippin useless today, and if he goes on a free in the summer i for one wont be too worried, for league one i reckon we could find someone cheaper who can run...because he does little more. Grab the odd goal, (the sheff utd one was deflected before you  keep telling me how amazing he is just because of that).

Him and otsemobor on the right today were embarresingly bad, although singling them out is probably unfair, as said marshalls kicking is atrocious, must run in the name, and the scummers steam rollered our midfield, clingan( although i still rate him) and russel were anonymous and to be honest the 2nd half in all was pathetic.

Cody gives me hope, as does the return of Martin and Micky.

Today, however has sealed our fate....day trip to Yeovil anyone?

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