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What an awful day

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Just got back from the game today and this really was just such an awful day. The result was obviously awful. Plus sitting amongst the scummers in the greene king stand was also unbearable at times. First half was not too bad but second half they outplayed us. But their penalty was not a penalty and surely if it was a penalty Marshall should have been sent off? Talking of Marshall his kicking was pretty dire. I think Bertrand was one of our best players. Just seen third goal and what on earth our defence were doing for that I do not know. Really I really am not too optomistic about our chances of staying up and I think only two wins will do the trick.

The journey back was also awful as they had a signal problem in Stowmarket and had to wait in Ipswich till 4:30 to go and therefore I missed the 5 o clock train to lowestoft and had to wait two hours in norwich!

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