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The Revolving door shows no signs of stopping

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After Grants Scottish Invasion, Roeders Culls (Stage one + two) and the Gunn loan spree, this summer looks like being another manic summer, relegation will probably end hope of the loan players staying, well the ones we want anyway!

Who will we have left?

GK: Nelson, Rudd

DR:   Otsemobor

DL: Drury

DC: Doherty, Spillane

MR: ????


MC: Russell, Lathrope, Smith, Adeyami

S:   Mcdonald,  Martin


Who will go?

- Marshall will be worth cashing in on, especially if Rudd is as good as being made out

- Clingan. Although i ca''t see any prem interest forthcoming, and would think he might have the decency to stay after only one year if the only option is the championship.

-Croft. He can go as far as im concerned. No quality. Premier league ur having a laugh.

-Hoolahan. Good player who would do well at many championship clubs, may not suit rough and tumble of league one so could be another to go.

After that...

Cort- Get rid. Cant afford to clog up the wage bill with 2nd rate injury prone has beens

Fotheringham - Dont see a future for him

Pattison - Would do ok in league one, perhaps unfairly left out by Gunn. Unrepairable rift?

Cureton - Would probably do ok in league one, but we need a different kind of stiker to complement martin and mcdonald.

Daley/renton/eagle - None will ever make it. Kings Lynn might as well ave a look at them now, and in Rentons case, wroxham!

plus of course

Shackall - Too good for league one

Leijer - Dont see him coming back kere

Carney - Lack of quality, could do ok in league one but dont see it happening

Gow - championship club will get him

bertrand - ditto

Lee- could be the only one who stays, if we ca afford him


Its going to be another busy summer!



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I think Lee and maybe even Shackell would stay if we went down, we just won''t buy them.

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I was told today that Marshall has just bought a house in Birmingham, so looks like he is off what ever happens.  

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If we do go down, I could see one of the promoted teams from league 1 comming in for Doherty and even possibly Russell, Doherty although not always brilliant is an experienced Championship centre back and has had good season. I guess Stephanovic will still be with us next season if?

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