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My thoughts on todays game/rest of the season

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Todays game was one that I had us down as losing- I hate it when I''m right.Forest winning only made it worse.Well it looks as though mondays game is going to be MASSIVE- im half

dreading it/half looking forward to it. Crucial after todays results. As said before my brother is going to the match and he has only been to games where we''ve won- lets hope thats a lucky omen eh!? I think we''ll scrape it JUST 1 nil mooney. Next weeks game at Scum is looking bigger as every game goes by (as if it wasnt already)- i''m so glad I''ve got tickets (although I may regret it after the game). I''m confident of a point. Of the 2 games after scum I think we''ll beat Reading (typcial Norwich) and we''ll get a point at charlton. 43 points plus 8 (if i get the results right) will give us 51 points. Will that be enough to keep us up? Who knows? This season has been a massive disappointment and is a result of poor leadership/really bad decisions from the board (since relegation). What-ever happens I''ll be at Carrow Road for the last 2 home games and for the derby at PR- i implore you all to do the same ( you dont need me asking though right :p). Even if we go down- the city faithful will still be here. Long after delia has gone we''ll still be here. Keeping that in mind makes me positive. We will RISE again- and we''ll still be here.

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