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Until the end of the season, we can not lose any of the remaining games.

We must get 2 more points than Forest, and I can only see them having one ''tough'' game (away at Sheff Utd). If they lose that and we beat Watford, then we will be back outside the relegation zone.

It is NOT over. The pressure is now on Forest (and Barnsley) as they have got out of it, but it''s just as hard to stay there. As we play 2 of our remaining games after Forest do (Ipswich on Sunday and Reading on a Monday), we will know what we will have to do in order to survive.

In my opinion, we must be out of the relgation zone going into the last day, putting it into our own hands, as I reckon that all of the 3 mentioned teams will win their final game.

Keep the faith, OTBC!

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