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First Wizard

No more Mr Nice Wiz!

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Firstly, please bear in mind, that I''m still ''seething'' whilst writing this rant!. The performance yesterday was quite frankly, unacceptable.

Why should I, a wizard of the 1st order, break my balls (crystal) by invoking spells, deflecting oppo header''s against the bar, and shots which knock their players off their feet, only for them to throw, yes them, throw away our first victory.

As you may or may not know, the wiz will not cast spells against NCFC players or officials, but this could soon all change!. Why on earth did ''Nigel Boy'' (a man I have supported by the way) sub Jonson, with Henderson.

Who on the bench has upset him now?.

Hendo struggled with the 1st division at times last year, and yet he is preferred choice above the rest of the subs, sheer madness, Nige. 

This is not about money, or rather the lack of it. The lads (Hendo apart) were well capable of beating Blackburn, no, this one is down to Nigel.

Worthy has started to make some strange decisions this season, the diamond formation, small central defenders (why no Docherty?) Bents out, Leon always substituted, Holt chosen even if he''s played bad (he has) no Safri. You could on and  on.

And yet, unlike a growing band of supporters, I have not called for Nigel''s head. After all, he has no real budget to work with (Don''t worry, I''m not going there!!) and he did so well for us last year.

But, ponder this, is he good enough for this division?, I am beginning, just beginning, to have serious doubts.

I can perform many wondrous spells to aid city, but when it seems that the board (sorry) and manager are working against my magic, then maybe my skill should be aimed in their direction.

And it will, believe me, if things don''t improve post haste. I do not like fellow city supporters being upset.

There''s still a few vacancies left in the local village pond you know. 

PS. to new posters: Stupid and childish remarks about Harry ''bloody'' Potter, will be ignored!.   

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[quote]Firstly, please bear in mind, that I''m still ''seething'' whilst writing this rant!. The performance yesterday was quite frankly, unacceptable. Why should I, a wizard of the 1st order, break my balls (...[/quote]

I agree with almost all that Wiz.. Except the doubts bit.  I have no doubts about Worthington''s ability.  We would be foolish to even start to think about replacing him.  He is by far and away the best man for the job

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Wiz, I would agree with you that Worthy has to stand up and be counted in the list of accountables for the game against Blackburn. He''s showing a little tactical naivety and lack of awareness/nowse.

However, several noters keep harping on about his transfer budget but as several others have noted he has brought players in. Question is where are those other players when he has several in the team whose selection sometimes beggars belief.

I mean look at the possible reserve side (not those playing yesterday):

1. Gallacher/Ward
2. Helveg
3. Brennan
4. Doherty
5. Shackell
6. Safri
7. Mulryne
8. Bentley
9. Henderson
10. McVeigh
11. Jarvis

Of those I was under the impression that at least Brennan, Shackell, Safri and McVeigh have all performed pretty well when given the chance. What about those who haven''t been given a chance? Mulryne, Doherty (in his natural position), Jarvis?

I think too many people are being hard on the board who are trying to exercise financial prudence. Do you want City to be another Ipswich/Leeds/Wolves/Leicester? Burn all your cash and sit once again at the door of club death?

Worthy has players at the club that can fill those holes that people keep saying are there in the team. Why doesn''t he use them?

After the Blackburn draw he needs to shake a few things up. Drop players who didn''t perform. Implement a rotation scheme perhaps to see if that makes players pick up the pace and perform. Of the 11 on the list above I would argue that Shackell, Brennan and Doherty need an opportunity to play in defence. In midfield, Safri (if his fast is finished), Mulryne, Bentley need to be given the opportunity to play again, plus McVeigh needs a chance to start.

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Agree with much of your post, Morph - except, that is, about the financial prudence.  I well remember a previous fat Chairman who exercised this particular lady and cost us a distinct possibility of winning the title in the inaugral Premiership season!!  He also exercised again her when we were struggling hard to avoid relegation to Div.1, after having tasted probably the most successful period in the Club''s history.  What I am saying is that nothing was ventured then and certainly nothing was gained.  Of course I am not advocating a wholesale spending spree but if our Club is to ever succeed in anything, the Board will have to be adventurous and yes, maybe speculate to accumulate.  I am confident that some of the players are more than capable of performing in this league, given the best coaching available, so I think we should be looking at our Management Team for some improvement.

I know I have used more than my share of cliches in this post but unfortunately, I am old enough to remember the dark, dark days of Division III (S) when applying for re-election to the league became reality, so please Board - do the right thing, however drastic, in order to secure our place in the Premiership.  The alternatives do not bear thinking about.

OTBC for ever

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