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From the BBC website:[quote]

England coach Fabio Capello says Sir Alex Ferguson told him he felt

"crazy" after paying £27m for Wayne Rooney from Everton in 2004. (Daily


Capello also requested that the

badge on the new England shirt be put higher than usual to avoid

rubbing on players'' nipples. (Daily Star)


will keep the fans close to the pitch at their proposed new

58,000-seater stadium to replicate the atmosphere of White Hart Lane.

(The Sun)


defender Daniel Agger, a trained tattoo artist, says he will tattoo the

whole team if they win the Premier League title. (The Sun)


Alan Sugar says he hopes England open up a commanding lead in the first

half against Ukraine - so fans watching the game on television will

turn over to The Apprentice on BBC1 at half-time. (Daily Mirror)


President Barack Obama will travel to Eastbourne Borough''s Blue Square

Premier game against Ebbsfleet on Saturday, in order to watch his

cousin Achtog Laprifolo play for Borough. (Eastbourne official website)


Vale are to change their name to Burslem Port Vale next season, and

have unveiled a new badge suspiciously similar in outline to rivals

Stoke''s. (Port Vale official website)


clubs have revealed new shirts today - such as York''s one-off purple

shirt to be worn at the FA Trophy final, Lewes''s one-off green and

black shirt to mark the announcement of the South Downs as a National

Park, a new pink home shirt for Crewe and Wigan''s switch to red and

white halves next season to reflect a kit worn in 1932. (Various)


are to raise some much-needed revenue by staging a Monster Truck racing

weekend on their Gigg Lane pitch, where the trucks will go head-to-head

with the groundsman''s tractor. (Bury official website)


chief executive Jez Moxey is in talks to star in the next series of

Strictly Come Dancing, alongside Hungarian sensation Lora Pliof.

(Wolves official website)

Barnsley will

pioneer a Football League initiative whereby their players and managers

will wear microphones wired up to the Oakwell PA system as part of an

anti-swearing campaign. (Barnsley official website)


Stanley have offered former Premier League referee Jeff Winter the role

of stadium development manager, after he recently criticised the

facilities at their ground. (Accrington official website)


have unveiled a new club badge paying homage to their Scottish manager

Paul Sturrock and their Japanese investors, as designed by French

typographer Una Avrille. (Plymouth official website)


finally... injuries, suspensions and illness are causing several

managers and coaches to come out of retirement for this weekend''s games

- including Swansea manager Roberto Martinez, Walsall assistant manager

Martin O''Connor and Barnsley coach Kelham O''Hanlon. (Various)


So which ones are real and which ones are not? The Eastbourne one cannot be real, and the ones from Wolves, Barnsley and Port Vale are probably false. Some of the kits are looking a bit questionable too.

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typographer Una Avrille'' = 1st April''Lora Pliof'' = April FoolWhilst I admit that the media''s attempts at April Fools Day wind-ups are better efforts than my ''look girls, there''s Superman'' effort I tried on my kids this morning, you really have to be a complete idiot to fall for most of them.  Radio 1 did one this morning that was so obvious it was untrue, and even after they''d announced it and taken the p*ss out of those who fell for it there were still people calling in.... probably says something about the IQ of the Radio 1 listener more than anything (and before you say anything, my missus listens to it in the car and I just sit and complain....)

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I do like being able to point out their foolishness to people who have been taken in.

A friend forwarded me a story about the Guardian moving away from printing after 188 years to only using Twitter and genuinely thought it was true.

Brentford supporter....

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Disappointed to see no mention of Glorious Glenn in amongst all this japery. Surely the perfect day to bring him back into the spotlight.

On a lighter note, received an amusing one from my cousin this morning. Formatted as a text update from Canaries World it read:

STRIKER TO RETURN. Ex City striker Dion Dublin is set to return to cover Carl Cort''s absence until the end of the season. See http://norwichcity.wap.com.

Worrying thing was that it didn''t surprise me at first. Yes I laughed, but then I laughed when I heard that we were going to appoint Gunny & Co. as management.

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Look North ran a story that there was a crocodile running wild in the sewers of Leeds.  Given the "Damned United" film just out, brought to mind Billy Bremner and Norman Hunter!

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A few of my colleagues at work decided to tell me mid-morning we had gone into Administration and it had been on Sky Sports this morning.  I of course (being a trusting fool) believed them and promptly told a few people around the office; eventually someone reminded me it was the first of April!!  Hook, line and sinker frankly.  [:D]   I forgive them.

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