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Have a butchers at this -http://norwichcity.myfootballwriter.com/full_article.asp?i=4603&w=8&a=0&part=1malkes afair bit of sense. Written before we got Lee and before we knew that Lappin was in the squad nevermind playing. Has it right about bringing in players. Took and awful lot to stomach getting an ex binner,scummer etc but hats off to Gunn & Co they brought in him to do a job regardless of our sensitivities. He is a big ugly, niggly, fouling brute. Thing is he''s OUR big ugly, niggly, fouling brute.If, as I expect, we are still in this division come May then we can worry a bit about the fan''s personal hatreds and who should be staying on etc. There can be no sentiment. I would have loved to have seen Cureton doing well as would most. He is City through and through but again Gunn & Co have no soft spot for fans favourites, second chances etc. Behind the smiling, matey approach looks to be a steely determination and a fair degree of competence to get us back to where we should be. I don''t see their target is avoiding relegation anymore than a boxer wanting to win the bout would see just getting back on his feet after being knocked down is a victory.So a word of caution to the genuine City fans on here. Ignore the wind up boys, the hidden binners and the endless snipers who hide when we do well and crawl out at the first sign of a setback. DON''T ANSWER THEM. You know who they are. Conveniently hiding again today.Six pints of Wetherspoons £1 a pint and I''m p1ssed so it''s time for bed.

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