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Normann Canary

YES... ok I may have over reacted... the Parade is perhaps a bit much...

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But imagine this, for near ten years Norwich have been playing to get back into top flight and finally they do, and it''s not the best start... my last trip to Carrow was during our last season in Prem, eleven years ago... for eleven years I''ve had to put up with rubbish teams on the tele... and I''m really proud to see the Green and Yellow again... LIVE! So I guess, when I heard about the boo''ing my blood boiled... cos win, lose or draw, I''m just glad too see them again!! I''m not saying that the team are above criticism at all, I think some criticism can be helpful, although I don''t think boo''ing is, and at our home ground too???

Hey, over reacting is what i do best!!! aren''t too many Canaries down here in Oz, so i guess I feel the need to over react for all that are down here Perhaps parading jeerers around the ground naked is taking it a bit far... but it would be a laugh... and I dare say we all need it!!!

Hey, still vote for me, Normann for President of the U.S.A

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