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Northern Canary

New line ups!

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It may be a little bit suprising but how about two taller centre backs perhaps -


    Fleming     Docherty    Shackell    Charlton


   Edworthy   Francis      Saffri         Drury


                       Jonson       Huckerby


Subs McKenzie Holt Helveg Bentley Ward

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An interesting approach Ridgeman - playing with 6 defenders on the pitch but I will always favour someone who chooses to put hux up front.I am always having a go at Worthy for not putting playing in their real position so I cant agree with Drury or Eddy in the wide midfield positions as neither are good enough on the ball. The same goes for Flem at right back - he is a centre half - I would rather have Eddie there! but I agree that something has to change to find that winning formula.And FTFW is right - having Zat Knight in our defence wouldnt have stopped Dickovs goal with the positioning and organisation of the defence as it is at the moment.OTBC

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Exactly Zipper. We need to STOP the crosses in the first place. OK, you never will stop all of them but the amount of time we allow the opposition to swing in a quality ball is astounding.  We defended deep last season and it worked because a) we had the Malky & Flem rock solid partnership.

b)The quality of delivery was not of the same standard as this season.

Hux needs to track back more & help Drury out, dare I say it, but is the great one pulling his weight at the moment?  Also, I would like to see Mullers or McVeigh given a proper chance, this is the prem Nige, a precise threaded through ball could make all the difference with the pace of our strikers.


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WHOLESALE changes need to be made - that''s what happens when teams play crap.GreenHelveg Shackell Charlton DruryJonson Safri Francis McVeighSvensson Huckerby

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I posted this somewhere esle too, but here goes again for what it''s worth this is what I would like to see:

Its time Worthy played the best players for the positions and in my opinion it is this.

GK - Green obviously, player of the season so far.

LB- Our best defender by far has been Simon Charlton and his best postion is left back, play him there hes too short for CB.

CB - Flemming hasn''t been awful, he has tried to deal with a LB that can''t stop crosses (Drury), a right back that can''t man mark (Eddie) and a CB that is really a LB.  Give him a proper partner and he will continue to be solid.

CB - Shacks, now I haven''t seen him play so I am trusting in fellow posters opinions here.  We need height and pace and he has both right?  He has also featured twice and not done anything wrong, but been completely dropped?!?!

RB - Helveg, proven top level ability.  Has only played RB twice.  Once was first game of the season where everybody was understandably nervous with high expectations and Helveg had just got back from international duty.  Second game against Ryan Giggs, come on he is the best left winger in the Prem (IMO) and Helveg wasn''t that bad.  Give this guy a run of games with the others I have mentioned and watch our defense build in confidence and more importantly organisation.

LW - Bently, one of those players that you know can turn it on any time.  Not afraid to take people on, wants the ball badly and can shoot from anywhere normally creating his own space.

CM - Francis - this guy works from box to box and is definitely getting better with each game.  His shooting and first touch have improved with each game and with the right partners this guy will start to fly.

CM - This is the tough one, but I think Safri has to be given a proper run with a proper 4-4-2 set up.  He is hungry for the ball and can pass it, hold it up and defends well too.  I would like to see Mullers too, but fear his work rate would let us down.

RW - Jonsson, gets better with every game and with Helveg as a partner I guarantee their will be something special come out of our right wing.

ST - Svensson, his vision and neat little passes and his now improved work rate will bring us goals, whether he is setting up Francis, Hux or Jonsson or scoring himself.

ST - Hux.  Now I have been saying left wing, but he is getting man marked too easily.  Man Citeh did a 2 man job on him and Blackburn seemed to keep him quiet too.  Give him a free role to roam and play off Sven and good things will come.  Teams will mark him closely and he will draw players sometimes two as he has in the past which will allow runs from Francis, Bentley and Jonsson.

Summary - all these players will be playing in positions they are comfortable in, not make shift roles just to accomodate them or other players.  I also see some good partnerships with a nice balance of vision, work rate, passing, speed and natural ability in the attacking half and tacklers, organisers, speed and some height at the back.

You then have a whole string of players to come on as subs or replace players that under perform and most importantly all in comfortable postiions:

GK - Ward for Green

LB - Drury for Charlton

CB - Doc for Shacks

CB - Charlton for Flem

RB - Eddie for Helveg

LW - Brennan for Bentley

CM - Holt for Francis

CM - Mullers for Safri

ST - McKenzie for Svensson

ST - McVeigh for Huckerby

all these subs could be tried and tested over time until the best players out of each pair for those positions are found.  It also allows for injury and suspension.   Instead of changing formations and player positions around every week to accomodate different ideas.   Settle on the most simple formation 4-4-2, choose your best 2 options for each position and

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