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Archant Sports Writers....buck your ideas up!!

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I love reading the Yellow and Green ''Un supplement on a monday. Regardless of whether I''ve been to the game or not, it''s often interesting to digest. However, and please excuse my pedantic nature, todays edition is littered with mistakes. Firstly, in the section concerning Arsenals win against Blackburn, it focusses on Arshavins contribution. Yes, he''s a great player but at least credit the guy with a picture that is actually of him!! These lot are positively foaming at the mouth with a glowing review of his skills, yet there''s a picture of Roman Pavlyuchenko in said review. Well, they''re both Russian granted, but Pav plays for SPURS!!!! Probably not the best faux pas to make.Then, in old Gedgeys column there''s a crowd picture on the back. I don''t know HOW many times the EDP and EEN have photographed the girl who paints her face up with city colours, along with the badge, and goes mental at every game. They should know by now that she is indeed of the female variety at least. Yet, because you can''t see her plaits in this picture, they refer to her as a "him". I''d be proper annoyed at that.I don''t have a journalism qualification, although I have written for the Evening News in the past. I reckon they should give me a go again and I''ll eradicate these mistakes!!!!Peace out.OTBC.

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