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Players are a Disgrace.

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The players are an absolute disgrace, they do not care one little bit.  I didn''t go to the game today, I listened on the radio, but I go to every home game, and players do just not care.  The trouble is we have to many loan players who when they go back to their parent clubs, wont even look for the Norwich results.  Bertrand, after a great spell last year, looks like he dosn''t give a damn about the club, other loanies like Killen and Gow are only here for their wage bill.
It''s not just the loans it''s some of our summer signings as well.  From what it sounded like today, Clingann and Hoolahan have accepted we will go down and are just thinking about what club they will be at next season.
I just don''t understand why players like these, who have spent their childhoods dreaming of being a proffesional footballer don''t give 100% every game.  Players like Rooney and Gerrard, who are on a lot more than these players never play a game all season with out giving 100%.
These players do not care about the club, and we should bring in the youngsters who do care and Matty Pattison because he will give 100%

The only players who do care is Shacks and Doc, because they have been here the longest, and they don''t want to send this club down.

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