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Mumby and Doncaster...you're FIRED!!

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Well if today was a Cup final all I can say is thank goodness we don''t get to that elated position of being a cup finalist too often if that was the performance we would have to endure and put on show to the nation aswell.

If Mumby and Doncaster do not want to use the word ''relegation'' within the confines of Carrow road as they believe they are being positive and helping the situation well let me give them a helping hand and say I am positive that the word that should be muttered around Carrow roads offices soon should be ''resignation'' and yes thats their positions along with taking Delia and Michael along in the cab!

With the approach of Alan Sugars ''The Apprentice'' in the offering, I can only hope that the line ''with regret I''m going to have to let you go'' being muttered by our new shareholders sooner rather than later....to the crew that has taken us to the depths of despair!!

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