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This is part of the trouble .

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The trouble as i see it is in part having a striker who is on pay as you play because his knee is clapped out ,  a another loan  striker who has one goal in two years . Fotheringham only sig

nes one year contract at start of season er because he likes to keep on top of his game .What rubbish he didnt have the guts for the long haul .I tell you now there will be no Marshall, Clingan.Russell,Croft and Pattison next season in div 3 because [ a ] Club has no dosh to pay them and  [ b ]  they will not want to be here .Oh plus the other 6/9 loan players will go back after their rest bite in Norfolk .How many players have played in matches for the city this season 28 i rest my case and there are still loan players who have not been on the pitch .GET A GRIP BOARD LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MY CLUB .             

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