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Third division football

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I have supported City since the late sixties so I have never known us to be outside the top two divisions, so the thought of Third division football is dreadful, and that is an understatement.

Memories of the Ron Saunders, John Bond, Ken Brown & Dave Stringer era''s have been in my mind a lot lately not to mention Mike Walker''s european heroes ( can you believe we beat Bayern Munich ?) and Nigel''s Championship side.

And here we are now. Clingan will go even if we stay up ( Deal is done) so has he got the D.Francis syndrome.

Crofty, Bertrand, Hoolahan, Shackell, Pattison could also follow. 

I have supported the Board in most cases, they are genuine city supporters, but the mistakes they have made post-premiership relegation have be catastrophic.

Nigel signed Thorne, Colin, Loius John, Huges and Jarret after we were dumped out of the premiership he should have gone once the board realised the lack of quality in these players,

Petre Grant was a nice fella but no experience, Glenn Roeder seemed not to be a nice fella but failed to build a side instead relying on loanees.

These were huge mistakes from the board but no where near as bad as their latest decision, to give Gunny the managers job.

I said on these pages it was a monumental mistake, don''t get me wrong Gunny is and always will be a canary legend, but the board said after they sacked Granty he was too inexperienced so why give it to Gunny who has no coaching experience at all to my knowledge.

Gunny''s record stands at 1 win in 9 games since he became full time manager. For a new manager that is awful. I rest my case.   

But I think the biggest reason we will get relegated this season is Roeder''s mistake in not signing a centre-forward at the start of the season, we had plenty of players to play off the centre forward but no target man.

But I cannot know that because I didn''t have a tenure as England Manager. 


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