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Saint Canary

No Optimism For The Future

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Lets face it, whether you think we will

stay up or not this year, this season will always be remembered as a

terrible one.  We have had the most disliked manager in the

clubs history, too many loan players and a relegation dog-fight. 

Despite all that there is something that hurts me more than all those

put together.  What hurts me the most is that  I have seen

nothing positive this season that gives me belief that if we stay up

we can avoid being in the same situation next year or that we could

get promoted should we be relegated to League 1.Ok, the

signing of Clingan was a decent enough and Croft has improved a bit

but not one player in our squad gives me confidence that coming

seasons could be a success  I would be a lot more at ease with

our current situation if we had a few promising youngsters breaking

through but I don''t even have that faint hope to cling too.

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How different things would be if we had a couple of players I could actually get excited about watching.

We do have a good youth team and prospects like Cody (who I think was signed with League one in mind) to look forward to, but where is the Ruel Fox or Darren Eadie or Hucks of this team?

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