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Gunny and man management

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After going to watch the Blackpool fiasco, holding back the tears of anger I took time on Sunday to reflect.

Yes plenty of reflecting was done. Its all been said that our new Management structure is a team made in heaven. Gunny is the good guy who can get the team to belief, Crook and Butterworth the tacticians.

Well from what I''ve seen Gunny is not doing his job and Crook and Butterworth are working with rubbish.

With Roeder the the team were low on morale and couldnt play. After Blackpool with Gunn now in charge the team are on lower morale and still can''t play. Roeder brought in loans that were non effective or couldnt make it on the subs bench. Gunn has brought in loan players that cant make it in the team. Roeder ship out Curo because he''s non effective. Gunny brings in Curo and then proceeds to drop him out of the team when the going gets hard.... that great man management. Roeder alienates Lupoli, Hool where as Gunny alienates Foths and Patts.

I so want this management team to work, but the signs arent good. I know we can only work with what weve got, but we have no time now unless we have been planning for League 1 all along.

I read Gunny made the team come back on the pitch to give the fans a clap. Yes from a distance they did. He should have made them line up in front us like a firing squad. They have to be responsible as well.











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