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Who will stay? Who will go? Who will come in?

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Marshall: I am serioulsy hoping this run of the mill GK leaves at the end of the season. He was once valued in the region of £2/3m. He will probably be sold for £400,000. I would snap the hands off any bidder with that amount.

Otsemobor: I would suspect this puzzled scouser will remain a firm place in the team. No one else wants him.

Docs: Hopefully he will stay. I cant see him wanting to leave or many clubs showing an interest. One of our better perfomers this season. Sad isnt it?

Spillane: He would be the cheap solution to our defensive issues (dont expect to see Stefanovic here next season). More than happy to give the lad a chance but Im not expecting much.

Stefanovic: Even a player of his advancing years is too good for League One. His wages will be reduced which he wont like. Probably go on a free.

Drury: He will stick around. Over the hill, past his best. Fits the bill for League One.

Fotheringham: I pray to the almighty lord this git doesnt commit a future to the club. He is a disgrace of a footballer who would even struggle in League One. If he is captain next season I will burn my shirt outside Carrow Road.

Croft: Stoke bid £600,00 for him in January. In 12 games time he will go on a free. Well done board.

Clingan: Our one and only lifeline in terms of attracting any serious cash into the club. I am expecting some big bids for the lad. £3m would be nice so long as it is used to rebuild. However I think we all know that a more realistic bid will be £1m. He will want to leave and we all know valuation drops significantly when you add that ingrediant. Still £1m aint bad too shabby a freebie. Good footballer and should be playing in the Premier League.

Russell: Lost his playing ability when he lost his dreds. Could do a job in League One but I have had enough of the guts heartless rallying cries. One more would push me over the edge. Could maybe get £100,000 for him in the summer.

Pattison: From Newcastle to League One. Perfect reward for his overindulgances. A battler who has shown potential, I would expect him to become a permanent feature next season.

Hoolahan: He will be heading the charge in terms of players wanting to leave. He will maybe find a suiter in the Championship but sadly he has been found out during him time at Norwich. The wee man has no physical presence. Something that is essential in any proffesional football league. Like Clingan, we can expect a greatly reduced bid to see see him on his way. £500,000 would be good business I suppose.

Eagle: He will be heading the charge in hoping to replace the above mentioned. I expect him to win the race. Meet our new left flanker everyone. Lets give the lad a chance.

Cureton: I pray he never wears a Norwich shirt again, let alone next season. Lost his focus with his extending years, as well as his pace. Kinda his fault we are going down. He will be a permanent feature for us next year.

Martin: He will hopefully return a better footballer from his time at Luton. He will hopefully replace Cureton but I doubt it. Has shown he has potential and if he finds his feet again could do alot of damage for us in League One.

McDonald: I hope this fella is as good as I am hoping. 19 years of age but looks much younger. Like Hoolahan I fear his lack of physical presence could prove a major problem. Still I hope he at least gets given a real chance to make an impression next season.

Daley: Completes the attacking options. Daley and Martin will be first choice with McDonald a close benchwarmer. Again, give the lad a chance.

Loans United: Expect to only own hald a squad next season. Do the board like loans? No, they bloody love them. The fact that no other club utalises them like we, coupled witht he fact we have just been relegated wont be enough to demonstrate that they simply dont work.

In summary, there will be massive changes next season. No bad thing, but in reality our squad will lose quality and will be worse off as a result. Any money generated form player sales will dissapear as it always does. Next season we can expect to meet the threshold on loanees again. They just wont be as good as the previous ones who weren''t very good in the first place.........


Otsemobor    Spillane    Doherty      Drury

Loan           Russell        Pattison      Eagle

                Martin          Daley

Subs:     Steer, McDonald, Loan, Loan, Loan

A League One team at best. Dont expect promotion. Expect a rough ride. [:(]



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[quote user="Suffolk Canary"]

simon lappin left wing?


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[quote user="Clipped Canary"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Dunno, past caring to be honest lol[/quote]

Doesn''t stop you posting on here all day though, does it? Lol! [;)]

Your point is?

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