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listen (formerly MG7)

Favourite formation?

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Okay, so we''ll probably play a 4-4-2 next season, but what formation is your favourite (not necessarily for us, but for any team)?

Mine is the ''Real Madrid'' 4-2-3-1

Casillas Green
Salgado Helguera Pavon R. Carlos Edworthy Mackay Fleming Drury

Guti Beckham Holt Francis

Figo Zidane Raul Bentley Mulryne Huckerby

Ronaldo Svensson

What is your favourite (on Champ or anything else!)? I always play this formation when I play Champ, and in real life it''s effective too. You can argue for changing the personnel in the Norwich team I''ve posted (maybe McKenzie in for Svensson, or Saffri as one of the DMCs), but I think it would work well.

Can''t see us changing from the 4-4-2 though!

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Well that certainly looks nothing like it did when I wrote it! With the formation as it looks above, we''d be playing a 2-8-4-6-2 formation, and then we''d almost certainly stay up, especially with the Real Madrid team playing alongside our boys!

I won''t write it all out again, it''ll probably go wrong, but I''m sure you can work out what I''m getting at :)

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