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10 games left anything can happen to anybody

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Other thantop spot [Wolves] and bottom spot Charlton i thinh with 10 games left there is everything to play for both interms of promotion and relegation. This means that virtually every club will be involved in one or the other. Forrest ,Plymouth and southamton have hit form when few would have predicted it.Our win at QPR whilst very welcome was essential so that we kept in the mix.Doncaster are out of it now after abrillian run, who would have predicted that 10 weeks ago most had them down for cannon fodder! Barnsley and Blackpool remain in the potential drop zone and the bottom 8 clubs will continue to take points off each other. We now have 36 points from as many games and we probably need 50 the way things are going albeit 46 is normally enough. 4 or 5 wins is what is needed,knowing us we will probably lose to crap teams and beat good ones. this has the potential to go to the wire but Blackpool is very important. It would be nice to win but we cannot afford to lose

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