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Depressed, feeling down ? There's always someone out there who is worse off than you !

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From Southampton-Mad

Southampton took a further giant step towards the footballing oblivion of League One as they went down to another defeat in which they displayed some battling spirit but no cutting edge.

Relegation is not yet a mathematical certainty, but any Saints fan who believes we are remotely likely to secure half a dozen wins from our remaining games is guilty not merely of over-optimism, but self-delusion on a grand scale.

Akin to witnessing a loved one withering away from a terrible illness, many Saints fans will hope that the end comes as swiftly and painlessly as possible.

In a period of just six years, Southampton will have gone from playing at the Millennium stadium to playing at Milwall, from playing in Bucharest to playing in Brentford. Only Leeds United''s spectacular fall from grace has been steeper and faster. And with Saints'' precarious finances, we would be fools to believe that things are likely to improve any time soon.

There are no grounds for comfort as a Saints fan today. None whatsoever.

On a grey, chilly West Country afternoon, the sinking feeling is made worse still by suffering defeat at the hands of Bristol City - like Saints, a fairly modest football club from a large city; unlike Saints, a well-managed, stable club with plans to expand and a very realistic chance of breaking through into the Premiership elite.

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