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Robbie Boy

Breakfast with Gunny

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Been to the breakfast thing this morning. Usual format of questions being put from the attendees to the man himself through a local media ''personality'' - which today was Chris Goreham. At least he let the thing flow unlike that muppet Piper.

Nothing major to report other than all the management team and players were at the reserve game last night and all had a meeting at 10 pm. Seems that Gunny is really trying to recreate the team bonding that was so evident when he was a player - in particular the 92-93 and 93-94 seasons.

He knows were in the brown stuff but is remaining positive. In reality, I didn''t expect him to say much else but if nothing else, he cares.

Most of the questions were pretty insipid - best manager, most difficult opponent, favourite match etc.

And without mentioning Rodent, there were a few pointed comments about the previous ''regime'' indicating that the players now enjoy training, his door is always open, the loan players we now have are more experienced rather than just kids etc. The one interesting comment was in respect of his much vaunted connection with Sir Alex. Apparently we never got a chance to take any of the Man Utd youngsters on loan under Rodent because of a strained relationship between the two managers. So even the best in the business knew our much maligned former manager was not the person he wanted his players anywhere near.

As I said, nothing dramatic but a fat old breakfast and an enjoyable couple of hours.


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