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Before Burnley we needed 6 Wins....

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Now we only need 5!!!!  Magic eh?!  Doesn''t that make everyone feel better?


..Oh, yes, and 2 draws.... But that''s kinda like the remainder when doing posh sums.


I''ve worked out that if we win against Coventry we''re down to 4 wins required.

If we Draw against Coventry we will still only need only 4 wins!!  ...and,urm, 4 draws!

But worse case scenario is if we lose to Cov - then we STILL only need 4 wins... plus and just an additional draw (is it 5 now?).


Can''t see why people are panicking, come win, lose or draw we''re safe!!  After 5 more games there will be no more "MUST WIN!!"''ers left to play, and we can sail home with... uhhhhmmmm... 18 draws.


How many games we got left this season? Anyone know?

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