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Today's column: Focus on the academy system

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Thanks for this, an excellent piece of journalism. Your focus on the changing structure and ethos ("there are no losing teams, only least-victorious teams!!") is enlightening. Whoever entrusted Howard Wilkinson with the future of english football clearly has a lot to answer for.

The only very slight quibble I''d make is that Peter Grant for all his faults seemed keen to promote youth: Chris Martin is the obvious example, but the likes of Spillane, the Jarvis brothers, and Robert Eagle were in and around the first-team. However, looking at some of those players and where they are now playing this may be one of the reasons Grant is no longer in a job!

Slightly off topic, but I''m pretty annoyed that the FA Youth Cup match against Manchester City clashes with the Blackpool game. I''m based in the North-West and would have attended both if I''d been given the opportunity.


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