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4 from 22

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Don''t get me wrong i am desperate for city to stay up.The fact is though we have won 4 out of the last 22 games,how on earth are we going to manage to win 4-5 of the last 13.The feel good factor of a new manager got us a win and 3 draws(the southampton home game was dropped points imo by the way).The only positive out of yesterday was the fact we only managed to create one chance,at least this proves everything isn''t jamie cureton''s fault as he didn''t make the team.Imo like it or not cureton has to start if only to get in the positions to miss sitters.The worse thing in all of this is that everytime 2 teams around us play each other theres a good chance one of them will pick up 3 points,this could mean at the end of the day we will have to beat watford,blackpool sheff weds and plymouth otherwise 5 wins and a draw won''t be enough to save us

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Omg just look at the last day of the season fixtures,and what about these figures below

teams in bottom 11 playing each other between now and end of season

barnsley 8

forest 6

watford 10!!!!!!!

coventry 7

doncaster 5

charlton 8

derby 7

blackpool 8

southampton 5

plymouth 6

norwich 5

anyone who thinks watford are as good as down should think again,my god theres alot of 6 pointers

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