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Acepting facts.....

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Well lets be honest about things.

Rodent pretty much screwed this season and most of our money has gone

towards various loan players. I knew something was very seriously wrong

when Huckerby departed. Sure we shouldnt hark on about it but he is our

modern day Icon and that was a slap in the face to all the families and

fans that this club seems to be vesting all of its interest in. Why Delia fought so hard to sign him and didnt just over rule rodent is beyond me !

The journey man loan signings in the last few years has become

something of a joke and its sickening to see our club filled with kids

or mercenaries who want money over football. How many of these loan

signings can put hand on heart and say they give a damn about Norwich

City ? If we are going to invest in kids make it ours.

Ok, we dont have any cash for players but we have wasted this on some of the loan transfer fees.

Id sooner give our youngsters a run out than relly as heavily on loan''s

as we have in the last few years. Of all the loans we have bought in

perhaps only Grounds, Evans and Taylor have actually been worth it.

Now I think its time for us not to lose perspective.

I turned on the Sky yesterday after a long trip back to Norwich

thinking, Ok... we will have beaten Preston. If not.. then im reserved

to consider and perhaps accept that we will be in Division 1 next


Looking at the league there is not a lot we can do really. If we are

lucky we can hold on but this will take a lot of resolve from our

players, who truely do they really want it ?

Gunn.  what have we

got to lose ? The apointment of Gunn really was a gamble and I think

many of us realised this at the time.

We had 2 options and a reality to face.

The reality was / is : We are a club with no money, waning reputation who are proping up the championship.

Option 1 : Bring in Rodent mark 2. Aka: A manager looking to rebuild his reputation by saving a club but also exacting his will

Option 2 : Allow an unknown to pick up the pieces with a view to replace at the end of the season

Maybe relegation will be a good thing. It will seperate the men from

the boys and perhaps some of the mercenaries will get lost and leave us

with players who want to be at Norwich and want success for Norwich.I think the biggest crunch at Norwich will be post season.Do we keep Gunn on or appoint someone else ?Surely relegation will result in the cook leaving the club as pressure will surely be too much.I used to support Delia until i saw her cooking show. I was watching an episode when she was opening a cafe or w/e for Jon Peel''s daughter.The girl had ribbons up and explained to Delia " The green and Yellow is for Norwich and the Blue is for Ipswich" Delias response of " Oh yes you cant forget Ipswich" made me swell with rage. Her response should have been a blatent " Take that blue S**T down or you can get someone else to open your damn bistro !! "

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Most of that is very true but I don''t accept that relegation will be a good thing cause we probably would be stuck in League1 for at least longer than 1 season though as you say it may cause a mjor rethink and a clear out.


But a rethink and clear out can be achieved in the Championship if we manage to stay up which looks a big task at the moment!

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[quote user="Nexus_Canary"] Why Delia fought so hard to sign him and didnt just over rule rodent is beyond me !

[/quote]This is probably the stupidest sentence that anyone could ever have imagined. If Delia takes control over the playing side of things she may aswell just appoint herself the manager. Do you want a club with Delia as manager? Do you want a situation like at Hearts (I think it was) where the chairman picked the team every week? Delia fought so hard to sign him....5years prior to his release...just because you fight hard for something (i''m not commenting on if she did or didnt - just replying to OP) doesn''t mean you should always keep it.....esp 5 years later.I cannot believe you suggested Delia should over-rule the manager in terms of player dealings. What exactly is the point of a manager exactly in your opinion?Please tell me this was a wind up sentence and no-one actually exists who is this moronic....?

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Owch.Put your hair dryer down, i think you just burnt me with all that hot air.Ok.Learn how to speak English and read it again.Instead of jumping to conclusions and / or being a total tool , try to work it out for yourself.Its not a hard concept is it.Ok ill re-write it in a way you might understand.Player Needs new contract.Manager is failing and will not offer big name contract.Board VETOS ( as in over steps manager and says NO we are keeping him ) Offers new contact to Huckerby over the head of managerDid you understand that better or do you want big words and pictures ?

Im not saying Delia should take 100% control of the club, all im saying is :IN THE CASE OF HUCKERBY , WE SHOULD HAVE OVER RULED THE RODENTWell hes a San Jose Earthquakes player so why you got your knickers in such a twist is beyond me.

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Huckerby is not the difference between us succeeding and us failing. We would still be in trouble if he was in the team. For what it''s worth, I think we are far from relegated yet and there''s still plenty to play for.

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