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Team for Saturday!

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Any ideas for the starting line up tomorrow? I believe Gunny and co have got several tough decisions to make. Will they start Hoolahan or carney on the left, or play both with Hooly just behind a lone forward, maybe Cort. However this could be too negative as it is a game that we must win especially with Watford, Charlton and Saints not playing. It is a chance for us to pull clear from the bottom 3, all be it with them having games in hand. But I''d rather have the points on the board at this stage of the season. Another change could be Grounds at the back with Leijer. Other possible changes are the return of Fotheringham and whether to play Curo. I think Gunn could be tempted to start Gow instead and i hope the midfield combination is Rusty and Clingan! One thing I have liked about Gunn is his insistance on playing a settled side unlike Rodent. However it will be interesting to see who is lining up at 3 o''clock tomorrow.

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